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Last updated on October 17, 2019 @ 4:04 AM

Bottled Beer

Angry Orchard $5, Black Butte Porter $4, Bud $4, Bud Light $4, Coors $4, Coors Light $4, Coors N/A $4, Corona $4, Fat Tire $4, Heineken $4, Miller High Life $3, Miller Lite $4, Modelo Especial $4, Omission IPA $5, Pacifico $4, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $4

Wine List

CK Mondavi Cabernet $5/$15, CK Mondavi Merlot $5/$15, Menage a Trois $7/$21, Three Thieves Pinot Noir $6 /$18, Meiomi Pinot Noir $8/$24, Beringer White Zinfandel $5/$15, CK Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc $5/$15, CK Mondavi Chardonnay $5/$15, La Crema Chardonnay $8 /$24, J. Roget Champagne $5

The Experience

Named after the year when hard root beers soared in popularity with Colonial drinkers, the brew features ingredients such as blackstrap molasses, sassafras root bark, dried wintergreen and licorice. Cloudy, reddish colored brew with coppery amber hues around the edges. Massive, minty nose, with soft sassafras, vanilla, a wet and earthy root character and gingery suggestions. Medium-bodied, smooth and even. Very spicy with cracked black pepper all over the place, almost gingery at times. Rich and robust molasses tanginess and deep sweetness blends well with delicious notes of licorice and subtle vanilla, while a raw and intensely herbal sassafras dominates. Wet root or green twig notes. Touch of sourness and some lemon-like character blends with the sweetness. An Asian sweet-and-sour sauce comes to mind. Suggestions of fresh wet tobacco, with a big, fresh, minty, leafy character sticks into the finish and lingers long. Raw, floral honey notes pull through as the beer warms. Finish is a bit rough and raw. The experience is intense and complex and truly brings your sense and mind back to another era of elixir enjoyment. However, it’s not an easy brew to get down your neck.

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Flipping the tab on the 500 ml can issues a crack and a hiss, and an immediate scent of steel, mustiness and toasted malts. We pour the beer into a nonic glass, noting its deep (but clear) brown and copper hued, topped with a short-lived white head that drops to a thin ringed lace. The aroma is a bit gummy, with some mustiness and a good dose of toasty caramel beneath, and notes of biscuits and cellared apples. Silky-smooth on the palate, with a full, even and rounded body. Up-front sugary sweetness paves the way for more complex flavors of toasted malts and toffee; and subtle notes of chocolate, roots, chicory and jam-like forest fruits. Dots of honey here and there, with some watery molasses. Hops are soft, with light floral and herbal flavors, and complement the malty sweet backbone of this beer quite nicely. Sweet and toasted bread lingers in the finish, with herbal tea notes and a touch of dry biscuit and underlying nuttiness.

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